/PREAMp DeOliveira

Power and an universe of timbres for your bass

Preamp deOliveira

Made from the finest components available, DeOliveira Preamps have connectors that can be easily installed. We get them to you with all potentiometers and switches installed. All potentiometers are grounded with a wire that can be connected to the cavity shield or to the jack grounding. Knobs can be chosen based on your preferences and purchased separately.


There are two available settings with a switch between passive or active modes as well as an activation key for the Tone Shape (Super Bass) function.

With 3 trimpots – 1 to adjust the bass gain, 1 to adjust the treble gain and another to adjust the final output of the circuit – the sound of your pickups will increase up to 5 times.

Through the potentiometers, you will have the individual control of the volume of each pickup and, separately, the frequencies of low, medium and high, providing you with power and great sound definition.

deoliveira 2020 – todos os direitos reservados

deoliveira 2020 – todos os direitos reservados